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Infant Inspection Report

Infant School Inspection Report Summary, January 2015

Tanglin Infants is an outstanding school, which provides an excellent British-style education, while maintaining an awareness and appreciation of its cultural setting in Singapore. Leadership and management are outstanding and have an excellent view of the school’s strengths and areas to develop. This underpins the school’s outstanding capacity for improvement.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in the Early Years make excellent progress towards achieving the Early Learning Goals from starting points that are broadly typical. By the end of the Early Years, most children are exceeding the expected standards in the majority of learning areas. They are especially successful in improving their ability to communicate well and develop their personal and social skills. Attainment in the core areas of English, mathematics and science is strong and compares favourably with that reached in British independent schools.


Attainment in English is high. Pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points. Pupils have a rich and varied vocabulary and express their views clearly in discussion and debate. They listen attentively even when they disagree and rarely interrupt. Pupils have a very good understanding of the rules of conversation, such as tenses and the grammatical structure of sentences. Pupils develop good phonic knowledge in the early years and, by Year 2, this is excellent. By Year 2, almost all pupils read with accuracy and fluency across a wide range of texts. Pupils write fluently with interesting detail on a variety of topics.


Attainment in mathematics is high and progress is outstanding. The rapid progress children make in mathematics in the early years continues throughout Years 1 and 2. Results in 2014, for pupils at the end of Key Stage 1, confirm that they exceed UK standards by a significant percentage. Evidence from the inspection confirms that an even greater proportion of pupils are on track to reach the higher levels in 2015. Their excellent progress is maintained across all classes and year groups.


Children’s attainment is high and progress is outstanding as they build their understanding of the world. Many are on course to exceed the expected standards by the end of the early years phase. Their exposure to a rich array of resources and experiences underpins their achievements.

Foundation Subjects

In other subjects of the curriculum, pupils achieve similarly high levels of attainment and rapid rates of progress, and benefit from specialist teaching. Year 2 pupils, for example, supported by ‘tech leaders’, demonstrate their computing skills as they use simple algorithms to help programme block models. The creative use of curriculum opportunities is illustrated by the way Year 1 classes progress as they pick up Mandarin vocabulary while learning how to ask for items to celebrate the imminent Chinese New Year. Music skills for Year 2 also tap into this as pupils engage in group compositions of Chinese songs with instrumental support.

Learning Support

An excellent learning support programme is provided for pupils who are identified as having additional learning needs. Specialist support is offered where needed and individual education plans are carefully tailored to meet pupils’ specific needs. Their progress is closely monitored and inspection evidence shows that almost all are making rapid progress from their starting points. Gifted pupils are challenged by appropriate extension work in most lessons and by the enrichment programme for the most able, gifted and talented pupils.

The quality of education provided by the school

The curriculum is outstanding. It develops the skills and attributes pupils need for life in a constantly changing global society. It meets the needs of the whole child, inspiring their curiosity, independence and love of learning. It provides excellent opportunities for pupils to experience success and to express their creativity and individual talents. As a result, pupils achieve highly.

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding. Pupils are courteous and behave extremely well. They support each other in lessons and during play. They respond enthusiastically to their various leadership roles and take their responsibilities very seriously, making important contributions to school life. The personalised curriculum provides excellent opportunities for pupils of all abilities and interests to excel.

Pupils’ strong moral sense is demonstrated through their exemplary behaviour and clear understanding of knowing what is right and wrong. Pupils welcome new arrivals into the school and include them in friendship circles. In lessons, pupils work together, sharing skills and knowledge. They acknowledge each other’s successes and are generous in their praise.

The welfare, health and safety of the pupils

The welfare and safety of all pupils are given the highest priority. Parents and pupils comment favourably on how well pupils are cared for and appreciate the high-quality information they receive. The school is responsive to parents’ views and takes action where possible. Excellent use is made of the highly attractive and spacious accommodation and facilities. These are complemented by an impressive range of good-quality resources.

Pupils are exceptionally well cared for. The arrangements made by the school to ensure pupils’ welfare, health and safety are outstanding.

The provision of information for parents, carers and others

Provision of information for parents, carers and others is outstanding. There is a wealth of information available on both academic and pastoral aspects of school life. The school uses a number of efficient channels of communication to keep parents informed. As a result, parents report that they are happy with the information they receive.

Leadership and management of the school

Leadership and management at all levels are outstanding and this is pivotal to the continuing success of the school. The headteacher and senior staff have set high expectations and a clear and aspirational vision for the school’s direction. The excellent leadership shown at all levels is energetic and well focused and has established a strong sense of harmony and unity of purpose among the staff. Governance is excellent and ensures that the educational priorities of the professional leaders are supported and respected, while their performance is scrutinised through regular reporting and appraisal.


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Message to Students from the Lead Inspector

"Your school is providing you with an excellent education. You told us you feel safe when you are in school. We saw that you enjoy learning. We were impressed by your good behaviour. You try your best in all the things that you do. This is helping you to make good progress in your learning. You know about the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise. Always remember to bring healthy food for your snack and lunch. All the adults take excellent care of you. They all want the best for you. Teachers work hard to find things that interest you and help you to learn." 

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