British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Senior Inspection Report

Senior School BSO Inspection, January 2014

The findings of the recent British Schools Overseas (BSO) inspection confirmed Tanglin’s Senior School status as an outstanding school, which is the highest possible grading. The following is an extract from the main findings of the report:

“This outstanding school successfully meets its aim to make every individual feel valued, happy and successful. The overall quality of education is outstanding. The excellent teaching, underpinned by an imaginative, engaging and challenging curriculum, enables students to make excellent progress, whatever their starting points. The curriculum makes an essential and highly effective impact on students’ outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Students’ exemplary behaviour, positive attitudes and thirst for learning are also pivotal factors in the school’s continuing success.

The extremely strong leadership team has an enormous influence on students’ academic performance and personal development. In addition to striving to achieve the highest possible standards, leaders at all levels play their part in ensuring students’ well-being. The standards students reach in English, mathematics, science and information and communication technology (ICT) are typically high. This is reflected in the well-above average results of assessments and public examinations at the end of each key stage. Students also do extremely well in other subjects. High-quality teaching across the board, together with students’ well-established learning skills, means that students make rapid progress in almost all lessons. Teachers’ deep subject knowledge, imaginative strategies and consummate classroom skills are not only evident in the four key subjects inspected but also in other subjects.

The curriculum is designed with flair and imagination. This means that most topics thoroughly engage students. The curriculum is fully aligned with current UK curricula and prepares students exceedingly well for entry or re-entry into the education system in the UK, and for transition to other international schools that provide a British education. In addition to the formal curriculum, a wealth of additional activities contributes significantly to students’ enjoyment of school and promote their personal development extremely well. The curriculum promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceedingly well. An outstanding programme of creativity, action and service is fully integrated into a superbly enriched curriculum, and moulds students into well rounded, caring and responsible young people. Students take advantage of the numerous opportunities for leadership which develop high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. “