British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at Tanglin is defined by ‘Our World’, an overarching term that is used to bring together the school’s focus on local, regional and global perspectives in the curriculum, environmental awareness, cultural visits, overseas trips, fundraising, service projects and the personal development of students.

Our World builds on our mission statement and in particular focuses on its closing phrase, “to produce a community of lifelong learners who can contribute with confidence to Our World.”

Through Ch@t (Charities @ Tanglin), all students are encouraged to look beyond their normal sphere of experience and to take an active and meaningful role in supporting charitable organisations and causes in Singapore and globally.

Tanglin's extensive outdoor education programme is designed to develop the whole person, to help bring a subject to life and to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on Our World.

The service strand of CAS (Creativity Action Service) provides further opportunities for senior students to engage with the local community, including working with Genesis School for Special Education in Singapore and 'Beyond Social Services', an initiative which supports local school children in an HDB estate in Tiong Bahru.

Many initiatives and relationships are long-standing, such as ongoing projects with i-India, Blue Skies Orphanage in Thailand and Lamdon School in Ladakh, whilst others respond to a specific event or crisis in our local, regional or global community.

The school also actively encourages teachers to support and engage with projects beyond school such as 'Caring for Cambodia' (CFC). The CFC project is ongoing with continuous support and commitment to the development of teacher training in the area.