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Student Reflections

What does Tanglin mean to you?

“Tanglin has been my home since 2001. In attending the school I have not only developed an academic curiosity, but also a social and personal awareness. I’ve connected with incredible people of all walks of life and been able to develop all of my interests thanks to the vast opportunities that are made available to me. The balance Tanglin has given me has helped to open many doors for my future and has given me the desire to keep achieving and making a difference in the communities I become a part of." Simone, Year 13

"Tanglin means lots of friendship opportunities and lots of resources for learning. And i like the outdoor space as well!" Year 5

"Tanglin is an absolutely amazing learning environment and where I get to excel in what I do best. My strength is in technology and Tanglin gives me the opportunity to excel in that." Year 6

"I've been at Tanglin since nursery and i love coming to school because it feels like a second home. It's got a lovely community and it's just great fun to be here and they've got brilliant teachers" Huw, Year 8

"I joined Tanglin in Year 5 and I have really enjoyed these moments: The Junior House Team cycling from KL to SG in 24hrs and Blast from The Past in Year 6. I am in Year 7 now and all the teachers always have smiles on their faces - even Mr Turrell! Since i joined Tanglin all the teachers I've had are amazing, funny and most of all fun to work with." Mollie, Year 7

"The reason why i love coming to Tanglin is because it's a very friendly place and all the teachers are really supportive. It is really a very comfortable place for me to come to." Eloise, Year 8

"Tanglin is a warm and friendly school. It is really open and will help you with anything you struggle with. It also gives you a wide range of activities to do after school. The school trips that you get to go on are also really fun and also you get to know your classmates better." Gabby, Year 6

"I love Tanglin because you get to do Art, paint and be creative. I also like making new friends at Tanglin." Alison, Year 2

“For me, Tanglin represents the support I have had from teachers who really follow my progress and take a genuine interest in me; the many friends I have made since joining in Year 2, Tanglin is such a close knit community; and the many enrichment opportunities I have experienced such as CAS (Creativity Action Service) and trips to countries like Cambodia and Vietnam.” Amelia, Year 13

"I like coming to Tanglin because there are lots of opportunities sports-wise and academics-wise. For example Tanglin has lots of amazing sports teams that compete all over Asia and it's a great balance between academics and sports." Lizzie, Year 8