British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Entry Requirements

The school caters for students who have the following attributes: 

  • An age appropriate fluency in English language (speaking, reading, writing and comprehension) 
  • A positive attitude to learning
  • The ability to thrive in a high achieving environment
  • Individual learning needs which can be largely met within the mainstream classroom and without significant additional adult support. 

Tanglin does not provide any special programmes to teach students for whom English is an additional language and who are at an early stage of acquiring English. One parent is required to be fluent in English to ensure effective communication between school and home. 

Students are required to reside with at least one parent. Tanglin will only consider students living with a legal guardian under exceptional circumstances e.g. both parents are deceased. 

Enrolment is not automatic. The Admissions Policy is designed to ensure that the students who attend have the capacity to thrive within, and benefit from, all that Tanglin Trust School offers

Enrolment into Nursery or Reception 

The criteria for enrolment into Nursery or Reception are that all students must be capable of using English as their working language. Where children are bilingual they must be able to demonstrate a good working capability in English and Tanglin reserves the right to give any potential student a test to assess their level of English competence. All children must be toilet trained and out of nappies before joining the school.

Enrolment into Years 10 and 11 

Students must start this course at the beginning of Year 10. On a case by case basis, the school will consider a start date of term two (January). Entry after the start of term two is not accepted. The expectation is that most students will progress into the Sixth form.

Enrolment into the Sixth Form 

When considering a student’s suitability for entry to the Sixth Form College, the following criteria will apply: 

  • Work ethic
  • Attitude
  • Conduct
  • Academic Integrity
  • Contribution to school life
  • Positive impact on the cohort
  • Academic attainment to date

Successful applicants for a 3 A Level pathway should have an average B Grade profile, based on performance in the Mock (I)GCSE examinations, with at least an (I)GCSE Grade B in the subjects to be pursued, unless otherwise specified. As a guide, an MYP grade of 5 or above is generally regarded as an equivalent. A student requesting to study 4 A Levels should have a Grade A profile at (I)GCSE, plus an excellent effort record across all subjects. 

Diagnostic tests in A Level/IB HL subjects can be expected to ensure that students are confidently placed on the right course.