British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Exam Results 2016

A Level Results

The A Level cohort of 120 students enjoyed a 100% pass rate. We are very proud of our students who achieved extremely well, both in terms of raw results and ‘value-added’ compared to UK expectations.

  • 42% of grades were at A* or A, 92% were in the range A* to C and 100% of all grades were A*-E.
  • 29% of students taking the EPQ achieved an A*, with almost two thirds of the A level cohort achieving an A or A*: we are increasingly finding that the EPQ is being valued by universities.
  • Average UCAS points tariff per A Level student: 424

IB Diploma Results

Well done to the Class of 2016 for their outstanding results this year. We are very proud of the students as 100% of the IB cohort successfully achieved the full diploma.

  • 41 students took the IB Pathway, 100% successfully achieved the full diploma.
  • Two students achieved the maximum 45 points.
  • 8 students (20%) scored 42 points or more.
  • Over a third of the cohort scored an outstanding 40 points or more.
  • 98% of our students scored 30 points or more.
  • Average UCAS points tariff per IB student: 567.3 points, the best in the 6 years of the diploma at Tanglin.
  • An outstanding average in the May 2016 session of 38 points per student (the global average was 30.1).
  • One student achieved the prestigious bilingual diploma (Dutch).

IGCSE Results

Congratulations to our 172 students in our 2016 cohort who took GCSE examinations in 29 subjects and recorded outstanding results. We are particularly delighted as many subjects have recently changed to what we consider to be more demanding IGCSE examinations.

These fantastic results are a credit to the students who have been rewarded for their considerable hard work and effort over the past two years.

  • 34% of all grades achieved were A*
  • More than two thirds (67%) of all grades achieved were either A or A*
  • 88% of all grades achieved were A* to B
  • 99% of students achieved 5 or more passes at A* to C
  • Almost one quarter (24%) of our students achieved A* or A grades in all their GCSE subjects
  • Every students achieved an A*-C grade in both English Language and English Literature.
  • 82% of all our students that took Chinese (55 students) achieved an A* grade.