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The Voice Feature : Head Team - Where Are They Now?

By Nellie Rogers, Alumni Manager

Student leadership is an integral part of learning at Tanglin. The Head Team members for each Senior School year group perform critical tasks to provide leadership to their peers as well as act as ambassadors for Tanglin. The Head Team in Year 13 in turn provide leadership to all the Head Teams and are very visible within our community as they lead student assemblies, school events and are called upon to represent the school at external events.

Our Year 13 Head Team members from school year 2013/14 have just finished their second year post-graduation. We touched base with three of them to find out where they are now and how their time at Tanglin continues to impact their lives. To read their full stories on the website, scan the QR code at the bottom of this page.

Quote to be highlighted: “Tanglin did not just give me a diploma, it gave me a lifetime of values that I think are key to growing into a successful individual.”

Zoe Thompson – Former Head Girl

I studied at Tanglin from Year 7 until my graduation in 2014. My fondest memory was definitely graduation as it landed on the same day as my eighteenth birthday and prom. Everyone was in such high spirits after a grueling exam period and it was a really bittersweet day of saying goodbye and looking back on our time at school.

Currently I am at Bristol University studying English. Since I was a little girl I’ve always loved reading and writing, and on top of this English was definitely my favourite A-Level. After writing my Extended Project Question (EPQ), which was sort of a trial run for how much I liked thinking academically about literature, I decided I wanted to do it for my degree. In ten years’ time I hope to be a full-time news correspondent for the BBC (or any broadcasting company that will have me).

Tanglin is a really unique environment, as while you’re all students in a similar circumstance, as expatriates in Singapore, you couldn’t really be more different to other students your age. I think having been at Tanglin, where you’re always exposed to new ways of learning and various cultural opportunities, I found the transition and settling-in period at university much easier.

Patrick Christensen – Former Head Boy

My years at Tanglin were the best of my life; the friends I had made, the teachers that inspired me and the approach to learning are things I had looked past and not fully appreciated at the time. I realise now however that I was so lucky to have been where I was.

Presently I am studying Economics at the University of Bath. The university trip organised by TTS was by and large the main reason for choosing Bath as my first choice. Bath with its vast open fields, expansive campus and second-to-none sporting facilities felt like a perfect fit for me.

My ideal ten year path is one in which I build up enough capital from working hard in the financial sector in my younger years, which I would then use towards starting my own business. I really want to have the experience of seeing through my own ideas from concept to reality. It's this that is driving me through my studies at the moment!

Tanglin has been a huge driver in shaping me to who I am today. It has given me so many opportunities, whether they be tied to academics, sports or leadership all of which lead to me developing myself holistically. It is this three point approach Tanglin seems to undertake (perhaps subconsciously) which I feel gives its students an edge in terms of pursuing further steps in life whether creative, academic or professional.

Diya Vasudevan – Former Assistant Head Girl

I was in Tanglin for five years, from Year 9 to Year 13. My fondest memory of Tanglin was actually one of my last memories. On our last day before exams, we were surprised by Ms Penry, our Head of Year, with a chorus of Year 6 students singing ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical.

After Tanglin I moved to the United States and I am now studying at the University of Miami, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science and International Studies. I chose Journalism because my generation are today's storytellers, we bring light to stories that need to be heard, and give voices to those who have none. In a world that has given me so much this is my way of giving back. I added Political Science and International Studies as minors, so I could learn more about the world in order to communicate its stories better. In ten years’ time I would hope to be working in something related to news journalism either on camera or behind it or in the field.

Tanglin fostered in me the ability to maintain a good work ethic, work hard and strive to always do better. When I say Tanglin I mean the teachers, support staff, fellow students and the overall environment of our school. If it were not for those people I would not be the person I am today. When I needed to be encouraged, I was given the support I needed. When I needed to do better I was pushed and when sometimes my tardiness got the better of me, I was sternly told to get my life together. At university nobody will give you that much attention! Tanglin did not just give me a diploma, it gave me a lifetime of values that I think are key to growing into a successful individual.