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The Voice Feature : Sports Awards

Junior Sports Awards

Claudia Underhill – Girl Basketball Player of the Year

Claudia is one the most competitive and determined players on the court – she never gave up, always defended like her life depended on it and was a force to be reckoned with when dribbling and attacking. She thoroughly deserves this award.

Gautam Krishna – Boy Basketball Player of the Year

During the basketball season, Gautam showcased some outstanding skills and led his team by example on the basketball court and it is no surprise that he finished as the top scorer for the ACSIS Boys A team.

Aliya Scott – Girl Gymnast of the Year

Aliya, from the moment she stepped into the Tanglin gym, has been growing from strength to strength. Her gymnastic ability is incredible and as a coach is such a joy to see her progress year on year. This year Ali’s competitive season has been uncontested, consistently ranking number one in the region for her level. Although she may not it know, Ali has become somewhat of a role model to our younger gymnasts, inspiring and motivating them every time she is in the gym.

Kit Stephenson – Boy Gymnast of the Year

Kit has developed his skills significantly over the last three years to become a very strong gymnast. He has overcome many challenges on his gymnastics journey and can also be relied upon to help his fellow teammates whenever they are in need.

Callum Porritt – Boy Cricketer of the Year

Callum has performed in exemplary fashion both with bat and ball. His excellent all-round skill level reflects his dedication to improving his technique and willingness to listen and follow the advice of coaches. Callum readily offers encouragement to others and exhibits admirable team-working qualities. His award as Player of the Year is thoroughly deserved.

Kai Rawlings – Boy Swimmer of the Year

A fantastic all round performer, Kai is at home swimming all four strokes over all distances. Not only does he excel in high level competitions (ACSIS, Feeding Frenzy, SEASAC, Singapore Nationals) but he is extremely dedicated to the team, attending all his squad training sessions, working hard and entering any and all fixtures that are presented to him.

Samantha Anstey – Girl Swimmer of the Year

An excellent ambassador for the sport, Sam is extremely hard working and dedicated, attending every training session and entering every fixture available. Sam has made massive strides with her swimming this year and her performances at all levels of competition are a testament to her hard work.

Isla Forbes – Girl Football Player of the Year

Isla’s footwork on the ball can only be described as silky smooth. This girl can do it all – defend, take players on and conjure up moments of brilliance to grab last minute game winners. She has inspired her teammates in Phuket Football, ACSIS and FOBISIA to greater heights and is a very worthy winner of this award.

Albert Conlan – Boy Football Player of the Year

Albert has had an excellent year making an outstanding contribution to every team he has played in. Albert has been an integral part of the school ACSIS team, Phuket and FOBISIA teams scoring several vital goals along the way. He has made excellent progress in both his skills and games play and has learnt what is needed to have a major influence in the outcome of a game.

Lottie Willson – Girl Athlete of the Year

When it comes to athletics Lottie is a jack of all trades. She can throw, sprint, run long distances and is certainly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to jumping. Lottie has represented the school at the highest level in both ACSIS and FOBISIA and deserves her title of Athlete of the Year.

Hadar Weinstein – Boy Athlete of the Year

Hadar is a very talented athlete. He is focused and committed every time he performs. He set a new long jump record in the ACSIS Championships and broke the 17 year old, 100m record, at the Year 6 sports day.

Darcey Philipps – Girl Cross Country Runner of the Year

Darcey is an assertive runner who loves to run at the front from the start. She is a committed athlete and always gives her very best in every race. It is a pleasure to watch Darcey run!

Yuuto Kistner – Boy Cross Country Runner of the Year

Yuuto has a great deal of talent and can produce top level performances when he commits to an event. He performed superbly in the ACSIS finals this year.

Katie Nicholas – Girl Touch Player of the Year

Katie is an enthusiastic touch rugby player with a lot of potential. She is quick footed in attack and strong in defence. She’s a good team player and scored a number of touch downs for her team this season. She is definitely a player to watch out for in the future. Well Done.

Charlie Currie – Boy Rugby Player of the Year

Charlie is an incredibly gifted runner with the ball, regularly outwitting his opponents with his footwork and sheer pace. His understanding of the game is exceptional as is his commitment to the team. Congratulations on an outstanding year in rugby.

Olivia Menzies – Netball Player of the Year

This young lady is our Little Miss Versatile on the netball court. She is able to play not only as a great hunter in defence, intercepting any passes into the attacking third but also as a valuable shooter who can convert the toughest feeds into a goal. She plays both of these roles with great enthusiasm, success and a smile on her face. We will be miss her next year in our Under 11 Netball squad. We hope to see her continue her netball prowess in the Senior School. Well done Olivia!

Senior Sports Awards


Badminton - 12U Girl

Sophie Leaver

Badminton - 12U Boys

A: Matthew Romero

B: Benjamin Richards

Badminton - 14U Girls

A: Amy Lovejoy

B: Sakura Mikano

C: Justine Margaillan

Badminton - 14U Boys

A: Yash Purohit

B: Sachin Sadhu

C: Harry Dawson

Basketball - 12U Girls

A: Katherine Henderson

B: Catherine Milnes

Basketball - 12U Boys

A: Zac Coughlan

B: Rory Boyle

Basketball - 14U Girls

A: Emma Hall

B: Sophie Atkinson

C: Freya Gillet

Basketball - 14U Boys

A: Louis Mowle

B: Andres Gamarra

C: Jack Radford

Cricket - 12U Boys

Syed Abdullah Ahmed

Cricket - 14U Boys

Alexander Rose

Middle School X-Country - 12U Girl

Anna Reeves

Middle School X-Country - 12U Boy

Luka Cherriman

Middle School X-Country - 14U Girl

Alice Gorman

Middle School X-Country - 14U Boy

Archie Cannon

Football - 12U Girls

A: Anika Kyrdalen

B: Eleanor Lever

Football - 12U Boys

A: George Bissell

B: Daniel Newman

Football - 14U Girls

Emma Hall

Football - 14U Boys

A: Marcus Nagle

B: Louis Mowle

C: Campbell Ross

D: Christopher Wallwork


Level 3: Tarak Batra

Level 4: Millie Newby

Level 5: Gabriella Martin

Level 6: India Sykes

Level 7: Marly Klein

Golf - 14U

Thomas Lamb

Netball - 12U

A: Tazmin Ranger

B: Shreya Veronica Rajadurai

Netball - 14U

A: Lucy Pike

B: Natasha Bryan Brown

C: Ashley Horrigan

D: Daisy Laming

E: Vishakha Ambike

Rugby - 12U

Samuel Marriott

Rugby - 14U

Thomas Jackson

Touch - 14U

Alana Hambly

Track and Field

12U: Anna Reeves

14U: Elizabeth Wallwork

Swimming - 12U

Boy: Tiger Stephenson

Girl: Katherine Henderson

Swimming - 14U

Boy: Ray Jerram

Girl: Lily Cook

Tennis - 14U

Micaela Lai

Volleyball - 14U

Ann Lai

Sportswoman of the Year

Emma Hall

Sportsman of the Year

George Beevor