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The Voice Feature : Year 10 Work Experience

In May, Year 10 students spent three days experiencing the varied and exciting world of work. 189 students were placed in 70 different businesses giving students the opportunity to explore their own interests and consider their future careers. Here, two students share their experiences.

By Miki, Year 10

For my work experience this year, I had the amazing opportunity to shadow a Musculoskeletal Surgeon and Consultant in the National University Hospital Singapore. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I got a taste of what the daily life of an orthopaedic surgeon is like. My fantastic three days at the hospital has increased my interest in medicine so much more than before my work experience, and it has made me work harder in my studies to be able to succeed in becoming a doctor in the future. During my time there, I learnt that hard work means an amazing outcome. I learnt that practise does make perfect, and that motivation, concentration and enthusiasm is the key to success. I am so grateful for this opportunity because it has helped to grow me as a person.

By Axel, Year 10

During my work experience, I went to Centre Stage School of the Arts. Centre Stage is a Drama and Arts school for people who want to develop their creative talents. They have classes for all ages from babies to adults and they put on lots of shows throughout the year at professional venues. It was an amazing environment to be part of. I did a diverse range of creative tasks such as painting floors of the studios, set design, assisting in drama classes and most significantly, I worked and operated the lights for a big show. I had a great time, and learned a lot about this field of work. After the three work experience days I was also was invited to carry on and volunteer for the weekend show with Centre Stage. This was a more realistic view of what life in the arts industry is like. Having been in a creative environment, I am confident that I would like to work in this kind of area in the future.