British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Term 1 Week 15

12 - 16 December

Well done to the Year 2 staff and students who put in their heart and soul to give a brilliant performance of Elvis and the Shoemaker this week! Year 2 Concert, 13 & 14 December

The Senior Drama’s intimate production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ entranced an audience of all ages! 13 & 14 December

Nursery class having a wonderful time playing with flour as part of their sensory activities in class. 13 December 2016

Junior students having a special lesson in Japanese noodle making. Fun, cultural experiences help children with language acquisition. 13 December 2016

A celebration meal for senior students who have been taking part in weekly lunchtime Mother-tongue CCAs, run by the Sixth Form students. Languages present: Hindi/French/Japanese/Chinese/German. 14 December 2016

Infant students with Father Christmas. 15 December 2016

Infant Party Day at the classrooms. 15 December 2016

The Amazing Toy Box with the Infant Students. 14 December 2016

Whole School Christmas Assembly. 15 December 2016

Last day of school, senior walkway. 16 December 2016

Sixth Form Panto, 16 December 2016