British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Term 3 Week 4

8 - 12 May 2017

Year 2 choir performing at Biopolis, as part of JTC Corporations's 'Fantastic Friday' community initiative for one-North. 5 May 2017

Year 4 students making some preparations for their upcoming 'The World is Ours' concert which will be held on 17 & 18 May at the Berrick Performance Hall. 11 May 2017

Lego Robotic experts came to Tanglin to run professional development workshops for teachers and two Year 2 classes on building and coding robots. The Year 2 students made a volcano alert system which links to the current topic they are learning in class! Monday, 8 May 2017.

The Senior Ensembles Concert was held at the Berrick Performance Hall and showcases wonderful performances by the Senior Choirs, Orchestras, Jazz groups, Guitar Groups, Bands and a Choir involving the whole of Year 7. 11 May 2017

Year 1 students having their lesson time in the music room. 12 May 2017

Infant students learning about teeth during Friday's assembly presented by Mrs Jo Osman. 12 May 2017

Year 6 playing fun circle games to teach children from the Iban Longhouse for their upcoming Sarawak adventure. 12 May 2017