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Parent Reflections

'I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to help Allegra settle into Nursery. It's been a great 5 months and she's loved every second (she can't understand why school is closed over the weekend - the fun should continue on Saturday and Sunday too!!). She's really grown and already learned a lot. Thank you again. We are all looking forward to next year.'

‘Thank you for your lovely school report - I am not sure why but it brought a little tear to my eye... I am so very happy that Ella has had the opportunity to settle into the school with your caring guidance. In the past, Ella needed a bit of encouragement, on some days, to go to her previous school. However, this was not an issue at all when it came to getting up in the morning to join your class.

The comment you wrote about Ella's care for the sea and animals literally warmed my heart. My dad is a deep-sea diver and we often talk to Ella about the animals and the sea. I really underestimate sometimes that all this information stays with them somehow.’

'Well done on the open session this morning. It was very enjoyable. It's good to see Senan's work and the singing was excellent. The kids did a great job! Just watched a few clips off my phone and I know Senan's mum will enjoy seeing them tonight when she gets home. Keep up the good work.'

‘I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a wonderful teacher to Isabella. She has blossomed in your class and has gained some confidence which was very important to us. I just read the school report you wrote and I couldn't help but get very teary eyed, and could really feel how much she was treasured and looked after in your class. I'm sure you get these sorts of emails all the time but wanted to say thank you anyway.’

'Victoria, you have made us so happy with our decision to have Mia go to Tanglin, thank you so much for being a wonderful nursery teacher. Thank you and your team for such a fabulously run Nursery unit and the best ever Nursery experience we could have wished for Mia.'

'Thank you for looking after our children so well and inspiring them the way you have. May always talks very positively about the school and her time there.'

'Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely reports you wrote on Seb and Luis. It was so nice reading about all the things they have achieved, and it’s so clear how well you know all their little quirks and foibles! We really enjoyed reading them and appreciate all the effort you must have gone to in writing them; so detailed and personal!'

'We wanted to say a big thank you for the way you are inspiring Naya.

We haven't seen Naya like this before: she comes home exhilarated; wanting to share what she has learnt, what her observations have been about her school day and wanting to share her new "big skills".

Naya has always been a happy child and never caused us problems but since you became her teacher, I have really noticed something really light up insider her. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!! And thank you for being such a positive influence on our daughter.'

‘Firstly I would really like to thank you for being the most wonderful teacher Sienna could have! She has blossomed in Nursery 2 under your guidance and care and she absolutely adores you. We feel slightly sentimental that she will only be a Dragonfly for a few more days before the holidays!’