British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Learning Support

At Tanglin, we are an inclusive learning environment and believe that each child is entitled to a curriculum that facilitates their individual development and support which allows them to achieve their full academic potential. Most of the time, the learning needs of our students can be met by class teachers. However, at certain stages along their learning journey some students may need curriculum modification or specific intervention.

In the Junior School, when a child experiences challenges that require additional support, we have a well-resourced Learning Support team who are able to cater to more individual needs. Through a collaborative, caring approach and working in partnership with children, parents and colleagues (including where necessary the school's Educational Psychologist), the Learning Support team provides a range of interventions to support learning differences across the Junior School. A range of assessment tools are used to identify learning needs, track progress and to determine the correct level of support. Attention is given to the learning preferences of each child and these are accommodated through our multi‐sensory programmes. Where necessary, Individual Education Plans are set up which provide achievable and measurable targets that are regularly reviewed. Some children may need additional support with the adjustment to new learning environments and routines as they move through the school and the transition processes is closely monitored with the Learning Support team playing a strong role, academically and pastorally.