British-based Learning with an International Perspective


The Junior Library is a vibrant, welcoming environment for the students, staff and parents to enjoy for recreational and educational purposes. We strive to ensure that not only are learning needs met but also that every child feels valued and happy. Resources support the teaching of the Junior School’s bespoke curriculum and develop the student’s interests and hobbies. Incorporating the use of ipads for searching the library databases and for research skills, library lessons are also linked to the curriculum and teach essential information skills for 21st century learning. 

A collection of books incorporating Learner Profile values has been developed to support teaching and learning activities. A collection of Chinese books has been acquired to support the language learning of our Junior students, all of whom study Mandarin.

Student Library Monitors carry out a variety of tasks ranging from shelving books to recommending good books to their peers. The Junior Library has also forged links with the Nepalese Gurkha Camp community in Singapore and our students visit the Gurkha School to read stories and play games with the Gurkha children.

The Junior Library runs the Junior School’s Readers’ Cup competition, encouraging the reading of outstanding books from the Carnegie Medal. The Readers’ Cup is designed to further promote a reading culture throughout the school and specifically to encourage the children to read good quality literature.

Visiting Authors

This year the Junior Library is delighted to welcome the following visiting authors:
  • James Mayhew - Author / Illustrator
  • Matt Dickinson - Author / Mt Everest climber
  • Jacqueline Harvey - Author
  • Cassandra Wye - Storyteller
  • Antonija Grosman - Author
  • AJ Low - Author
  • Polly Dunbar - Author
  • Jantzen Lee - Author
  • Morris Gleitzman - Author
  • Gabrielle Wang - Author / Illustrator