British-based Learning with an International Perspective


At Tanglin we recognise the enormous potential of modern technology to enhance and enrich learning. We are also committed to preparing our children to be successful in a society permeated with technology. These principles are at the heart of our vision statement for the use of technology in the School.

Tanglin embraces new technology wherever it supports our mission. Staff are confident users of technology and are encouraged to be innovative. Students use technology to inquire, communicate and safely take risks. When they move on from Tanglin, they are confident users of current technology in a range of contexts, understanding the benefits, limitations and risks associated with its use.

In the Junior School, the use of technology to support learning is embedded across the curriculum and our specialist ICT teachers ensure that the children are increasing their skills, confidence and experience of using ICT as they progress through the School. All children in the Junior School join our Firefly VLE (Virtual Leaning Environment) and regularly use this to access information. The children also maintain their own personal pages and are given opportunities to post responses and comments on this safe, internal platform.

Each Year Group area has access to a range of technology, including interactive whiteboards in each classroom; shared pods of desktop computers (Windows and Mac); cameras and sound recorders. In Years 3, 4 and 5, class sets of iPads are also available to teachers for specific tasks. In Year 6, children are required to have their own iPad, which they use at home and at school. This is an important step, giving children the responsibility of looking after a personal device and learning how to use it responsibly, in the safe, familiar and structured environments of the Junior School and the home.