British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form College at Tanglin are provided with a fantastic opportunity to develop their academic profile by selecting either an A Level pathway or the IB Diploma. Both routes will involve our students making choices following their GCSE examinations and selecting the courses that appeal to them most. Students will need to consider what the future holds for them with regard to further education courses and potential careers, which subjects they feel they have a passion for and what subject content and skills inspire them to study hard and secure academic success. Students are extremely well supported in this Post 16 pathway choice.

The Sixth Form experience for Tanglin students reaches way beyond a final set of three or four grades or total points score. Students are exposed to a huge range of learning experiences beyond the class room, library or laboratory and each individual is encouraged to develop their individual personal profile. These experiences can involve continuing with a specialism, for example playing the violin in the school orchestra, representing one of our many sports teams at local level or as part of the FOBISIA sports calendar, playing a part in a community service project within Singapore or overseas, or writing an in-depth study for a chosen field through the independent research task of the Extended Project or the Extended Essay. Travel and Adventure Week which takes place after the examinations at the end of Year 12 provides opportunities for groups of students to plan and resource their own physically challenging or service based expeditions.

Sixth Form students are also encouraged to take on leadership roles and develop their leadership attributes. Many examples of student leadership exist in the Sixth Form at Tanglin including leading one of our four Houses, being a pastoral, duty or faculty Prefect and some will aspire to a member of the Head Team as Head Boy, Head Girl or a deputy or assistant position. The TTS Foundation offers financial support through the Alumni Grant and Diedre Lew Award if students decide to undertake projects that will enrich their understanding of the world we live and their place in it.

Tanglin Sixth Form students often go on to study at the best universities in the United Kingdom, North America, Canada, Australia, as well as top institutions in South East Asia. Students are prepared well through our focus on academic excellence delivered by outstanding faculty staff and supported by our caring and inclusive pastoral system. The experienced Sixth Form pastoral team and university guidance counsellors work hard to ensure every student need is supported. Combined with the extensive range of co-curricular and leadership opportunities on offer, it is no small wonder that graduating students often report back to us that we prepared them well for the ever-changing and challenging world ahead as well as helping them to define their core values that cultivate a rewarding and fulfilling adult life.

Allan Forbes
Headteacher Senior School

What does TTS mean to you?

“For me, Tanglin represents the support I have had from teachers who really follow my progress and take a genuine interest in me; the many friends I have made since joining in Year 2, Tanglin is such a close knit community; and the many enrichment opportunities I have experienced such as CAS (Creativity Action Service) and trips to countries like Cambodia and Vietnam.” Amelia, Year 13