British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Outdoor Education

Tanglin has a long history of providing educational opportunities outside the classroom. We believe it is vital for students to experience new activities and situations which, in addition to being great fun, will encourage them to think about the values and attitudes that they are seeking to apply and adopt. Designed to develop the whole person, our Outdoor Education programmes promote a holistic approach to learning and decision-making, whilst allowing time for reflection on how choices and values influence others and the environment.

Balanced, relevant and thought-provoking, our programmes vary in focus and length, increasing in the level of challenge as students move through the school. Above all, our Outdoor Education programmes aim to give our students a sense of independence, resilience and responsibility.

Outdoor Education programmes are a key part of the school’s Our World initiative, an overarching term used at Tanglin to highlight the school’s focus on developing local, regional and global perspectives in the curriculum beyond the classroom. Our Outdoor Education programmes are also closely linked to curriculum objectives and to the Tanglin Learner Profile, which summarises attributes that we encourage our students, teachers and parents to adopt in as many aspects of their school life as possible.

In addition to year group programmes, there is also an outstanding range of faculty and optional discovery programmes including skiing in Switzerland, an adventure week in Western Australia, studying art in Bali, brushing up language skills in Argentina and even a chance to climb to Everest Base Camp. We also offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Scheme, operating the under the designation of The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA).   

Below is a taster of some of the programmes each year group undertakes.

  1. Nursery Labrador Park

  2. Reception Wet Market

  3. Y1 Jacob Ballas Garden

  4. Y2 Bollywood Veggies

  1. Year 3 Zoo Sleepover

  2. Year 4 Pulau Ubin

  3. Year 5 Malacca

  4. Year 6 Sarawak

  1. Year 7 Thailand

  2. Year 8 Gopeng

  3. Year 9 India

  4. Year 10 Australia

  1. Year 13 Ladakh

  2. Year 11 New Zealand

  3. Year 12 Sabah

"Our Vietnam trip was a really interesting mix of culture and history. We got to experience the food, visit important sites and see the valleys and paddy fields that support the whole country. Though the war was a focus we were also introduced to other events that shaped the country." - Frances, Year 10

"India was an eye-opening experience from exhilarating white water rafting down the Ganges, beautiful scenery on the hikes and a rewarding visit to the orphanage - wow!" - Miss Southern, Year 9 Tutor

"Before I went to the zoo I was a little nervous about sleeping near the animals. But, I loved it and enjoyed being surrounded by my friends when I woke up." - Alex, Year 3