British-based Learning with an International Perspective


Sport is an integral part of the Tanglin curriculum. Our goal is to involve, excite and motivate our students to participate in sport. We offer a vibrant, exciting programme from Nursery through to Year 13.  We are fortunate to have excellent sporting facilities which enable us to provide a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events throughout the year. We encourage maximum participation, individual aspiration, squad achievement and personal excellence.

Athletics, basketball, swimming, football, rugby, netball, tennis, gymnastics, badminton, cricket, golf, t-ball, softball and volleyball are all established activities that have well-developed training programmes in place and offer participants the opportunity to compete in inter-school events, both in Singapore as well as overseas. 

Tanglin has a sustained commitment to ACSIS' (The Athletics Conference Singapore International Schools) sporting structure which underpins our continued involvement in overseas sports. This is further supported through participation in SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activity Conference) and FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia), as well as sporting tours to the Middle East and Australia. 

These conferences promote student/school activities which provide and encourage opportunities for healthy competition, pursuit of excellence, social and cultural interaction and the development of friendships within the region.