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Alumni Grant

Tanglin is actively looking to inspire our students and Alumni to engage with their communities and/or give back to those who are less fortunate. Hence the objective of the Alumni Grant is to support and encourage our recent Alumni to contribute to Our World and act as positive role models for our current students. A service activity is not required – Inter-rail, learning a new skill etc. are also eligible as long as students are able to articulate the anticipated learning outcomes as they relate to CAS (Creativity, Action, Service). The Alumni Grant is a great opportunity for all and in particular for those on a GAP Year, waiting to start National Service, before starting university in Australia / New Zealand in March, or during their undergraduate university degree.

The Alumni Grant has supported a range of activities, including learning Muay Thai boxing in Thailand, conservation work in Indonesia, and Inter-railing in Europe. A prerequisite for the funding is that the students will share their experiences with the Tanglin community. Recipients of the grant have created video diaries, written articles, and returned to school to share their experiences. Students are able to apply termly during their final year of Sixth Form whereas registered Alumni, who graduated from Year 13 at TTS, may apply for this grant during their undergraduate degree. The grant is capped at SGD 1000 and each applicant must fundraise or earn the amount to match the requested grant. Applicants will be required to provide evidence that they have earned their amount by providing payslips or evidence of other fundraising sources (which must have prior approval).

Details of how to apply for the Alumni Grant are available on the Alumni website.