British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Creative Arts and Sport

Our vision is that Tanglin is a leading centre for the Arts and for Sport that the whole community is proud to be associated with. Opportunities to develop skills at all levels at to represent the school are plentiful and open to all students.

Our wish list for 2016-17:

Music Awards Programme

  1. Providing Music Awards to junior students in both stringed instruments in Year 4 and wind and brass instruments in Year 5. Following six weeks of music lessons where students have the opportunity to try an instrument for the first time those students demonstrating perseverance and commitment as well as talent are offered a year of subsidised music lessons.  They are required to commit to practice regularly and join a Music Ensemble where they play their instrument each week.

    The outcome of this Award over time is that we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of Music Ensembles in both the Junior and Senior schools and an improvement in the school Wind Bands and Orchestras. 

    This impacts the whole community who can enjoy listening to these groups performing.

Representative Awards

  1. We are always extremely proud of our students who represent Tanglin in prestigious overseas events and these occasions can be truly life-changing. These awards allow the TTS Foundation to financially support students chosen to represent the School in Arts or Sport, with the aim of increasing participation. The focus is on events with a particularly high participation fee. Families who feel they need some support to meet the costs of such trips will be encouraged to apply to the TTS Foundation office for the Award.

Host theatre and visual arts groups

  1. Visiting theatre and arts groups are incredibly inspiring for all ages from Nursery to Sixth Form. Donations to the Annual Fund will enable students from all three schools to work in small groups with talented artists. This will not only expand their horizons and open up their minds to what the Arts can offer, it will also encourage our students to learn more about themselves and discover their own uniqueness. In particular this year we are keen to invite ToyBox into our Infant School and HandelBards (a group of travelling cyling Shakespearean actors) into our Junior and Senior School.

View our wish list:

  1. Visit from Inspirational Speakers

  2. Equipping students with the skills they need

  3. Engagement with Global Issues and Wider Community