British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Development of Life Skills

Going beyond the regular curriculum, Tanglin actively seeks to equip students, and parents, with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s world.

Our wish list for 2016-17:

Extend our Passion for Parenting programme

  1. Through Tanglin's Passion for Parenting programme, the TTS Foundation offers a series of talks from experts in child development and child psychology. The sessions are free to parents and the local community and address relevant issues including cyber safety, child development and wellbeing and managing the transition from Junior to Senior School.

Establish cycling activities in the Infant and Junior Schools

  1. Having provided the equipment and necessary skills training to enable the 'TTS Foundation Pedal Power' learn to cycle programme in the Infant School, we would like to support an extension of the programme into the Juniors. This will ensure that the young cyclists have the opportunity to continue to develop their skills.

Extending Student Leader Awards

  1. We have a number of students who are selected to represent Tanglin at high profile conferences and events including World Scholars' Cup, Model United Nations or FOBISIA Student Leadership conferences. Extending the Student Leader Award would enable more students to participate.
  1. Creative Arts & Sports

  2. Engagement with Global Issues

  3. Visit from Inspirational Speakers