British-based Learning with an International Perspective

Engagement with global issues and with the wider community

Our vision is to enable all members of the Tanglin community to make a positive difference in the world and seek out opportunities to give back to society. 

Our wish list for 2016-17:

Increase the number of Deirdre Lew Service Awards

  1. The aim of this Award is to encourage students to learn more about the world they live in, make a positive contribution and exercise responsible citizenship. We are aiming to give awards to all deserving applications from Year 10-12. You can find out more information here.

Supporting the Sustainability Agenda at Tanglin

  1. Sustainability is being championed in 2016 through the Our World 2041 team. This team will be looking at both simple and innovative ways to raise awareness of environmental issues amongst the Tanglin community, as well as to make our campus more sustainable. Student groups from across the campus will be encouraged to apply for small amounts of funding that they might need to get projects off the ground, or to pilot an idea.

Establish a 'Rainforest Renewal' Nursery on Campus

  1. A student directed project working with Singapore Botanic Gardens to help support the growth of endangered species. The students will liaise with the team at The Botanic Gardens who will provide specimens of rare plants that will be planted and nurtured at Tanglin. Once they reach a particular size they will be re-planted as saplings on campus and then finally in National Park areas around Singapore.

Support more Tanglin teachers in Cambodia schools

  1. Tanglin's particular strength is its talented teachers. Over the past ten years many of them have given their time and volunteered to deliver teacher training for Caring For Cambodia Schools. TTS Foundation has provided some of these teachers with grants to support the cost of these trips once a teacher has been on two self funded trips. In future, we would like to be able to offer a grant to any Tanglin teacher wanting to take part in the Teacher Training programme and so encourage more teachers to give up their time to further strengthen our relationship with CFC.

Caring For Cambodia 2015

View our wish list:

  1. Visit from Inspirational Speakers

  2. Development of Life Skills

  3. Creative Arts and Sports