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Inspirational Guests

Inspirational authors, artists, explorers and experts from diverse fields regularly visit Tanglin to share their ideas, insights and enthusiasm with the next generation.

Our wish list for 2016-17:

Extend the T90 Inspirational Speaker Series into 2016

  1. In Tanglin's 90th Anniversary an Inspirational Visitor Series was established resulting in visits from inspirational indivduals such as Robert Swan (founder of 2041 Foundation and explorer) and Dominic Peckham (choral conductor). Recognising the truly inspirational opportunities these visitors create for our community we hope to continue the Inspirational Visitor Series into 2017.

Graduate Internship programme

  1. Following the success of the TTS Foundation Internship programme that was introduced in Modern Foreign Languages and Science we would like to extend this programme to include other departments across the senior school. Undergraduates come and work with the relevant faculties for a six week period in their University holidays supporting students in their specialist subjects and acting as an inspiration.

Visits from inspirational individuals and groups to support Cultural Events and Festivals

  1. The Infant and Junior school would like to invite cultural groups to Tanglin to coincide with feast days, festivals and curriculum cultural days and so broaden our students' cultural horizons. This might include both Talba and Sitar performers for the Deepavali Assembly, a Chinese Dragon Dance for Ancient China Day, a Peranakan Cultural Diversity Appreciation workshop and Bhangra Dancers.

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