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Meet our Governors

  • Mr Dominic Nixon
  • Mr Robert Arbuthnott
  • Miss Fang Eu-Lin
  • Mr Rajan Raju Kankipati
  • Mr Colm McCarthy
  • Dr Sue McNamara
  • Mr Chris Riley
  • Mr Richard Routledge
  • Mr Neil Tottman
  • Mrs Gina Lee-Wan
  • Mrs Clare Wijeratne

The Board appoints separate committees in relation to the following areas of responsibility:


  • Making, reviewing, creating and developing policies.
  • Commissioning regular independent inspections and reviews of the entire school.
  • Establishing policies with regard to enrolment of students, class and form sizes.
  • Determining policies with regard to codes of conduct and sanctions for students.

Pastoral and Safeguarding Committee

  • To monitor and advise on implementation of best practice surrounding safeguarding and child protection.
  • Review and monitor pastoral care practices and structures.
  • Ensure policies and procedures related to safeguarding, pastoral care, and wellbeing of students are reviewed and updated.


  • Appointing the CEO and members of the leadership and business teams.
  • Establishing remuneration levels as well as conditions of service for all staff.
  • Determining policies with regard to codes of conduct and appropriate sanctions.

Finance and Risk

  • Outlining annual capital and operating budgets.
  • Setting school fees and building fund contributions.
  • Establishing funding and investment policies.


  • Leasing the land that the school occupies.
  • Taking responsibility for maintenance of current buildings.
  • Planning the development of new facilities and premises.

Development and Alumni

  • Generating inward investment beyond school fee income specifically managing Placement Rights and Sponsorship in School.
  • Strategically positioning marketing, communication and alumni activities.

Group Corporate Secretariat

Chen Mee King, Group Corporate Secretary and member of the Management Team

Correspondence to our Governors may be sent to the Group Corporate Secretary