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History of the School


1922 - Discovery of King Tutankhamen's Tomb
1926 - AA Milne publishes Winnie-the-Pooh
1932 - Amelia Earhart is the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
1939 - World War 2 begins
1925 - Tanglin School founded by Anne Griffith-Jones OBE, to provide high quality British education to children of expatriate families. The school opens in Tanglin Club with five pupils.
1934 – Tanglin opens its boarding section in Cameron Highlands, Malaya to allow students to enjoy a cooler climate.

1940 - 1959

1945 - US drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1948 - "Big Bang" theory formulated
1952 - Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen at age 25 (Pinterest)

1959 - The Barbie doll makes her debut (Today's News)
1941 - Cameron Highlands Boarding School closed due to polio outbreak, and remains closed during the Japanese occupation in WW2.
1942 - Closure of Tanglin School in Singapore due to the Japanese occupation.
1943 - Anne Griffith-Jones is interned in Changi Prison by the Japanese forces.

1946-47 - Schools re-open in Singapore and Cameron Highlands.
1954 - Raeburn Park (Singapore Harbour Board School) opens.

1958 - British European Association (BEA) buys Tanglin School. Tanglin Trust Ltd is formed.

1960 - 1979

1965 - Singapore becomes the independent Republic of Singapore (Straits Times)
1966 - England wins the FIFA World Cup
1969 - Neil Armstrong becomes first man on the moon

1977 - Star Wars movie released
1960 – Management of Raeburn Park transferred to BEA. Both Tanglin and Raeburn Park were managed by the same board of governors.
1960-61 - Tanglin School moves to Matheran in Tanglin Road, renamed Tanglin Preparatory School.
1971 - Due to long waiting lists a third school, Weyhill Preparatory School, opened in Portsdown Road.
1976 - Raeburn Park moves to Portsdown Road, opposite Weyhill Prep.

1976 - Winchester School, a Nursery unit, was opened at Alexandra Park.

1980 – 1999

1982 - Michael Jackson releases "Thriller"
1989 - World Wide Web invented
1996 - Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal is born
1997 - First Harry Potter book is released
1981 – Tanglin Preparatory, Raeburn Park and Weyhill amalgamate to form Tanglin Infant School and Tanglin Junior School in Portsdown Road.
1987 - Schools join together under one headteacher, Mrs Veronica Goodban, to form Tanglin Infant and Junior School.
1996 - Winchester School closes. Nursery unit opens on Portsdown Road site. School is renamed Tanglin Trust School.
1996 - First intake into Senior School.

2000 - current

2001 - 9 11
2004 - Asian Tsunami hits 11 countries
2015 - Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, dies aged 91 (Today Online)

2016 - The UK votes to leave the European Union
2001 – First Sixth Form intake.

2003 - The first batch of 20 A Level students graduated.
2009 - Sixth Form introduced the International Baccalaureate Diploma, alongside A Levels, creating a dual pathway for students.
2011 - The first batch of IB students graduated.

2014 - Lease on Portsdown Road is extended to 2038.
2021 – The onsite Forest School programme is launched to enhance Infant School’s outdoor education programme.
2015 - School celebrates its 90th Anniversary (T90), a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our heritage in Singapore.
2016 - Nixon Building opens.
2018 – Tanglin says farewell to Peter Derby-Crook (CEO) and welcomes new CEO, Craig Considine

July 2020 – To support our community during COVID, the TTS Foundation organises a complimentary academic summer programme where over 1800 Infant, Junior, and Senior students enjoyed purposeful yet fun face-to-face learning. 


March - June 2020

To stem the tide of COVID-19 infections, Tanglin shifts to remote learning and Singapore implements strict lockdown measures.

2021 - A new House system is implemented to link all students from Nursery to Year 13. This provides them with a group that will remain with students as they grow up at Tanglin, that crosses age-specific structures, and gives students a sense of belonging and pride. 

2022 – The Institute@Tanglin is established to be a forum that promotes excellence, provides thought leadership, and encourages discourse to inspire, challenge and prepare the next generation of leaders in our community. 

2023 - The Tanglin Centenary Building formally opens on 11 January 2023. The Brain is also installed as the first piece of the Centennial Arts Project with more artwork to be commissioned.

September 2023 - Tanglin’s first scholarship offering is open to students entering the Senior School who demonstrate outstanding musical proficiency.