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Safeguarding & Child Protection

The School acknowledges that nurturing the wellbeing of children and young people and protecting them from harm requires a whole school community commitment. Tanglin aims to provide a professional and caring environment where staff, parents and children and young people feel empowered to raise concerns.

At Tanglin Trust School, safeguarding and child protection means

Respect: We are committed to respecting the rights of all children in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. All children have the right to education that nurtures individual talents and abilities and the right to be protected from any kind of exploitation.

Responsibility: We are committed to educating and supporting everyone in the school community to develop competence and confidence in taking responsibility for identifying and sharing concerns appropriately to ensure the care and protection of all children and young people.

Purpose: We acknowledge our privileged position and the role we play in children and young people’s lives and are committed to providing a caring, safe and stimulating environment where all children and young people can flourish.

Infant Children at Playground


School employees are required to report any concerns about a student directly to a Designated Safeguarding Lead member of staff. Parents, students, visitors or any other person wanting to report a concern about a student may do so with any of the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead staff or any School employee they feel comfortable with.

You may refer to the School’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for details about how to identify a concern and how the School manages assessment of concerns.

Richard Sellers

Titles: Deputy Head & Director of Pastoral Care, DSL for Whole School

Laura Heyworth

Titles: Head of Middle School, DSL for Senior School (Middle School)

Luke Hensman

Titles: Head of Upper School, DSL for Senior School (Upper School)

Rebecca George

Titles: Head of Year 10, DSL for Senior School (Upper School)

Andy Goodliffe

Titles: Head of Sixth Form, DSL for Senior School (Sixth Form)

Peter O'Brien

Titles: Deputy Head Teacher (Junior School), DSL for Junior School

Rachel Turpin

Titles: Deputy Head Teacher (Junior School), DSL for Junior School

Benjamin Walker

Titles: Assistant Head of School (Junior School), DSL for Junior School

Paula Craigie

Titles: Head of Infant School, DSL for Infant School

Jo Osman

Titles: Deputy Head Teacher (Infant School), DSL for Infant School

Jon Pavey

Titles: Deputy Head Teacher (Infant School), DSL for Infant School

Clare Lancaster

Titles: Educational Psychologist, DSL for Whole School

Andy Martin

Titles: Learning Support Teacher, DSL for Sport