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Environment & Sustainability

Rising greenhouse gas emissions have led to devastating consequences, from record heatwaves in Europe to catastrophic flooding in Pakistan to severe drought in China, the impacts of climate change are truly global.

The latest report from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change makes for grim reading but pathways to avoid the worst risks are still available. The technology for combatting climate change already exists and highly cost-effective measures can still be undertaken. This is why Tanglin Trust is committed to positive action and become part of the solution, not the problem.

Guided by our core values and in recognition of the serious challenges we face today, Tanglin is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, engaging all stakeholders in the global effort to protect our planet and empowering our students to rise to the challenges ahead.

Schools are in a unique position to nurture the next generation and have a duty to inspire and instil in them the ambition to become the environmental leaders of tomorrow. As a school and a community leader, we have a key responsibility to reduce our ecological footprint and become less energy intensive.

Tanglin's Sustainability Commitment

We are committed to the following:

Reduce Energy Consumption
Implement comprehensive and innovative energy-efficient practices across the entire campus to reduce our footprint.

Reduce Catering Impact
Manage food waste, enhance use of plant-based products, and explore more sustainable food-sourcing options.

Consider School Trips
Encourage the use of sustainable transport methods and consider the environmental impact of educational visits within Singapore and abroad.

Procurement Decisions
Consider the sustainability of procurement decisions and ensure external providers are meeting our criteria.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Enhance the incorporation of sustainability and the SDGs into curricula across the three schools.

Education & Training
Raise awareness of, and offer training for, sustainability in education and environmental issues in all areas of our community.

Waste Management Measures
Reduce the volume of waste generated on the school site and improve
recycling rates.


Preserve Campus Biodiversity
Protect and enhance the green spaces and biodiveristy in and around the campus.


Eco Stewardship
Align with the Eco Stewardship Programme (an MOE sustainability agenda under the Singapore Green Plan 2030) through the 4 Cs of Curriculum, Campus, Culture and Community.

Green News

The latest news on the environment, climate, nature, sustainability, green innovation and projects at Tanglin.

Sustainable Finance and Its Role in Driving a Sustainable Economy

The Institute recently hosted a compelling panel discussion on sustainable finance and its role in driving a sustainable economy. The discussion was expertly led by Alistair Thompson Chairman of the Manan Trust and an authority in all aspects of investment management. Dr Darian Mc Bain, CEO of Outsourced CSO and Kelvin Tan Head of ASEAN Sustainable Finance and Investments at HSBC, engaged in an informal discussion moderated by Mr. Thompson.

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The 2024 Tanglin Thrift

Now in its second year, the ‘Tanglin Thrift’ has quickly become one of the most anticipated events on the Senior School calendar. This student-led sustainability initiative, organised by Year 12 students with the assistance of Year 7 and upwards, encourages the Tanglin community to donate old clothes, and in doing so reduce landfill, give pre-loved clothes a second life whilst raising money for a good cause.

Aaliyan, a committee member for this year’s Tanglin Thrift, explains the importance of such small sustainable initiatives, highlighting their potential for significant impact.

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