Meet Our Governors



The Board appoints separate committees in relation to the following areas of responsibility:


  • Making, reviewing, creating and developing policies.
  • Commissioning regular independent inspections and reviews of the entire school.
  • Establishing policies with regard to enrolment of students, class and form sizes.
  • Determining policies with regard to codes of conduct and sanctions for students.


  • Appointing the CEO and members of the leadership and business teams.
  • Establishing remuneration levels as well as conditions of service for all staff.
  • Determining policies with regard to codes of conduct and appropriate sanctions.

Finance and Risk

  • Outlining annual capital and operating budgets.
  • Setting school fees and building fund contributions.
  • Establishing funding and investment policies.


  • Leasing the land that the school occupies.
  • Taking responsibility for maintenance of current buildings.
  • Planning the development of new facilities and premises.

Development and Alumni

  • Generating inward investment beyond school fee income specifically managing Placement Rights and Sponsorship in School.
  • Strategically positioning marketing, communication and alumni activities.