Interactive Campus Map

Located on Portsdown Road, Tanglin Trust School is approximately 15-minutes' drive from the city centre. The School is positioned within Singapore’s ‘one-north’ high technology cluster of biomedical sciences, ICT and media industries and amongst the heritage and nature areas of Rochester Park and the Wessex Estate. 

A new, state-of-the-art building at Gate C will be completed in 2022, providing a 50m swimming pool, physio and fitness facilities, gymnastics centre, music rooms, CPD centre and more. 

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Map Points

Nixon Building
Berrick Building
Sports Playing Field
25m Outdoor Pool
Infant EYFS Units
Infant EYFS Playground
Infant Library
Infant KS1 Units
Infant KS1 Creative Play
Curran Hall
Junior School Units
Junior Library
Junior Co-curricular (Art, Music, Drama, PE)
Junior Playground
Junior Canteen
Test Kitchen / Future Learning Room
Senior Film / Media Studies
Senior Canteen
Senior PE
Senior Faculties
Senior Exam Hall
Senior Library
Sixth Form College / Senior Faculties
Gate C Building
Covered Walkway to Public Transport
Forest School Area