Inspired Learners

Tanglin is a distinctive international learning community. Utilising both British-based and international learning programmes, we nurture and inspire lifelong learners and global citizens who contribute to the world with confidence.

Learning at Tanglin

Our academic curriculum is organised through subject disciplines in a strong academic framework.  Planned progression within each discipline supports students in broadening their knowledge and deepening their understanding of the world as they move through the School.

Through their studies, Tanglin learners develop the skills they will need for future success in self-directed lifelong learning, particularly:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Communication
  • Social and Collaborative Skills
  • Self-Management
  • Research

Learning is not confined to the academic curriculum.  We believe strongly in the value of a holistic education and encourage all students to embrace the opportunities for learning through Sport, The Arts, Outdoor Education.  Through this holistic approach, the Tanglin Learner develops the character attributes that they need to flourish.

Teachers at Tanglin

Tanglin Teachers are at the forefront of educational best practice which is informed by research into cognition and learning. They adapt and personalise learning, based on their knowledge of individual students. Teachers create a classroom climate and environment that inspires and motivates students to achieve their best. Strong partnerships with parents and carers are developed, supporting learning at school and at home.