Nursery & Reception (ages 3-5 years)

The acquisition of skills and knowledge in a vibrant learning environment is at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in the Infant School.

Curriculum planning, delivery and assessment reflect all seven areas of learning and development. Within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, there is flexibility to respond to and encourage the children's interests and curiosity. The continuous provision approach sees the classrooms and shared areas of the units full of stimulating resources which engage the children from the moment they walk through the door in the morning.

Prime Areas of Learning

Specific Areas of Learning


Chinese at Tanglin is an introductory course for non-native Chinese children, offering a spiral, functional-based curriculum. Our topics are reinforced, broadened, deepened and enriched across every year level.

We aim to develop a love of language learning and provide a large amount of comprehensible input so that the children learn Chinese for everyday use. They are engaged in a fun learning environment with lots of paired work, group work and interaction with the teachers.

The ‘gesture response teaching’ method is one of the main features in the language classroom. This engages all children, as they have to ‘sign’ what they are saying as well as respond to the teacher and each other in short bursts of authentic language. This combination of visual, aural and kinaesthetic approaches is extremely effective in catering for different learning styles. Linguistically, this methodology focuses on developing knowledge of key verbs and enhancing their memorisation.

The children are also encouraged to explore Chinese traditions through various activities and we celebrate different Chinese festivals throughout the year to help connect the language and cultural learning with real life experiences.