Remote Learning

Remote Learning is challenging. Our preference at Tanglin will always be for learning to take place in class groups, physically gathered together. For learning to be most effective, we need to collaborate with peers; receive timely feedback and encouragement from teachers; and be able to question and try out ideas in front of a group. In addition, the school campus is packed full of stimulating physical resources and specialist equipment that helps bring the curriculum to life. 

The Remote Learning plans developed at Tanglin acknowledge these challenges but aim to overcome them, as far as possible. To do this, we make full use of available technology and, most importantly, leverage the strong student-teacher relationships and home-school partnerships that have been established over time in our normal operation. 

The aim of Remote Learning is to provide continuity in learning, and pastoral support, in order to minimise the impact of campus closure and ensure that the transition back to the physical classroom is as seamless as possible. 

One of the attributes of the Tanglin Learner Profile is 'Resilient Inquirers'. In the Remote Learning situation, this becomes particularly meaningful. The Tanglin Learner (Teacher and Student!) is resilient in the face of setbacks and challenges and will apply their skills, knowledge and creativity to ensure that they continue their learning journeys.

Remote Learning is a team effort. We are proud of what we have achieved during the Covid-19 crisis.

1,500 live sessions per week across the school during CB

*In April 2020, Singapore implemented new measures to slow the escalation of COVID-19. Termed “circuit breaker” by the Singapore government, these measures include the shut down of most workplaces (except those providing essential services or are in key economic sectors) and schools.