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Our core Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) are Chinese (Mandarin), French and Spanish. Students choose two languages to study in Year 7 and 8. In Year 9, they are asked to select one of these languages, which they will continue through to GCSE level.

Support for Mother Tongue Languages

In order to support the needs of all our students, we have launched an exciting mother-tongue programme that will support the linguistic development of students who come from multi-lingual families.

As an international school, we believe that it is essential to provide assistance to and raise the profile of those students who speak a non-English language at home on a regular basis. We recognise that the need to keep in touch with one's cultural roots is especially important in an expatriate environment.

In the Senior School, we have set up a two-tiered mother-tongue programme:

For core languages (French/Mandarin/Spanish), we support students who speak these languages by offering them time within the curriculum to pursue mother-tongue language lessons with paid tutors (dependent on numbers).

For non-core languages, we have set up weekly after-school or lunchtime classes for Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Arabic and some other languages. Some teachers are voluntary parents, others are paid tutors.