Sixth Form

Students at Tanglin's Sixth Form are provided with amazing opportunities to develop their academic profile by selecting either an A Level or International Baccalaureate (IB) pathway.

Both routes will involve our students making choices and selecting the courses that appeal to them most. Students will need to consider what the future holds for them with regard to further education courses and potential careers, the subjects they feel they have a passion for, as well as the content and skills that inspire them to study hard and secure academic success. Students are extremely well supported in this post-16 pathway choice through our pastoral and guidance teams.

The Sixth Form experience for Tanglin students reaches way beyond a final set of A Level grades or total IB points score.

Students are encouraged to be academically curious and seek deeper understanding beyond the facts and grades. They are also exposed to a huge range of learning experiences beyond the classroom, library, or laboratory and each individual is encouraged to develop their individual personal profile.

Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and develop their leadership attributes. Many examples of student leadership exist including leading one of our four Houses, being a pastoral, duty or faculty Prefect, and some will aspire to be a member of the Head Team as Head Boy, Head Girl, or a Deputy or Assistant position.

Tanglin students often go on to study at the best universities in the world. The experienced pastoral team and university guidance counsellors work hard to ensure every student need is supported. Combined with the extensive range of co-curricular and leadership opportunities on offer, it is no small wonder that graduating students often report back to us that we prepared them well for the ever-changing and challenging world ahead, as well as helping them to define their core values that cultivate a rewarding and fulfilling adult life.

Allan Forbes, Head of Senior School


About Tanglin Sixth Form