Senior School Technology


The use of technology to support learning is embedded across the Senior School curriculum and supported by the Technology for Learning team.

Our goal is to inspire and support teachers to explore and innovate with technology to get the maximum benefit from available tools. This means providing personalised professional development and practice-sharing opportunities for individual teachers, small groups and whole subject teams, so that all teachers continue to add to their repertoire and all students enjoy an increasingly integrated experience of technology in learning. It is equally our task to take the lead in ensuring teachers and students also know how to apply these skills safely and ethically, and to develop opportunities for student leadership wherever possible.

Students in Years 7 to 9 receive specific ICT lessons, where they increase their skills as users of key software packages as well as developing an understanding of the principles of computer science and programming. All students enrol in 'Edmodo', an online tool which allows them to join class groups. Within each group, the students can access information posted by their teachers, receive and submit assignments, and ask or answer questions/comments from their teacher or classmates.

Each faculty has access to a range of technology including interactive whiteboards in each classroom, suites and pods of desktop computers, and multimedia equipment.

All students are required to have their own personal pen-enabled device (iPad Pro or Windows 10 pen-enabled device) which they use at home and at school. This mobile technology is used to support learning and stay organised.