The Tanglin Learner

Great learning happens when a student's natural curiosity is aroused in a stimulating environment that encourages questioning and experimentation. Learning ultimately happens at an individual level, involving new connections being made in the learner's brain. However, great learning is a social activity; it happens when students interact with peers and especially with a great teacher.

At Tanglin we are passionate about learning and we are a community of learners.

We have a unique curriculum. Whist the academic core is based on the rigour of the English National Curriculum and 'gold standard' public examinations such as A Levels and the IB Diploma, teaching and learning will often be set in local and regional contexts, taking full advantage of our position in Singapore and in Asia. This, together with our diverse community of learners from all over the world, ensures that we are truly preparing the next generation of global citizens for their futures.

Tanglin Learner Profile

The Tanglin Learner Profile is a set of attributes and values that we encourage our students, staff and parents to adopt.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for life in today's world and as such transferable skills and strong character attributes are given as much prominence as specific subject knowledge and academic challenge.

Inspired by the International Baccalaureate Organisation's Learner Profile, these qualities are firmly embedded in learning and behaviour at Tanglin. Students regularly consider the attributes of the Learner Profile and have a genuine understanding of each of the qualities.

Learning is about much more than just what goes on in classrooms.