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Our selection process is designed to identify students who will benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and will make a positive contribution to the Tanglin community. We look for applicants who have demonstrated a positive attitude and approach to learning and who have the capacity and desire to contribute positively to all aspects of school life.

Applications may be submitted up to three years prior to the desired year of entry. Beyond Nursery, place availability relies on withdrawals and, as such, demand generally exceeds availability of places in Reception and above. Entry at Nursery is strongly encouraged. See below for entry criteria.

Additional considerations apply to children who are Singapore citizens. Read more about Tanglin’s admissions policy, terms and conditions below:

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Tanglin school fee information, breakdown and schedule.


If you have questions about admissions to Tanglin, click here.


Applications may be submitted up to three years prior to the desired year of entry.  Find out more here.


As every parent would do, we did a lot of research and Tanglin consistently came out on top when we spoke with other parents, searched online and spoke to colleagues. These recommendations have not been wrong and we have been extremely happy with Isaac's transition into a new country.

- Hong Nguyen, Parent



Tanglin seeks to enrol young learners who will thrive within its nurturing and high-achieving learning environment, and fully engage with our rich co-curriculum. We have high expectations of our students, and offer strong learning and pastoral support, precision teaching and enrichment opportunities to ensure each student achieves consistent rates of progress. Individual learning, emotional and social needs must largely be met within the school’s mainstream provision.

Students applying to Tanglin must meet the following minimum entry requirements to be considered as part of our annual applicant selection process:

  • An age-appropriate fluency in English language (speaking, reading, writing and comprehension). There is no provision to teach children for whom English is an additional language or who are at an early stage of acquiring English language skills.
  • A demonstrated positive attitude and approach to learning.
  • The ability to thrive in a high-achieving environment.
  • Individual learning, emotional and social needs which can be largely met within the mainstream classroom and our learning and pastoral support provision.
  • The capacity and desire to engage with the co-curricular programme.
  • The capacity and desire to make a positive contribution to the school community.

Students joining Tanglin must be capable of using English as their working language. Those who are bilingual or multilingual must be able to demonstrate age-appropriate fluency in English. If English is an additional language for your child, they will be invited to an age-appropriate activity to assess their ability to thrive at Tanglin with English as their main working language.

At least one English speaking parent must reside with the student in Singapore on an ongoing basis. We will only consider students living with a legal guardian under exceptional circumstances, for example, where both parents are deceased.

Additional requirements apply to students who are Singapore Citizens. Please refer to our Admissions Policy and our Conditions Governing Enrolment and Admissions for further information.



Previous school reports are required as part of our application process. Children who have not been enrolled at a pre-school prior to applying for a place in the Infant School will be invited for an age-appropriate, play-based activity to assess their readiness for school. Students with identified additional learning, social or emotional needs will be referred for an age-appropriate assessment as part of the application process. Interviews may be conducted with students applying to our Junior and Senior Schools, and assessments are conducted for all Senior School applicants. 

Please refer to our Admissions Policy for further information.