Application Checklist

The documents listed below will be required as part of the online application process. Please note all attachments must be in pdf or jpeg format and must be no larger than 1MB.

If you are have any difficulties uploading the required supporting documentation you can save your online application and contact the Admissions Team for assistance.


We must be in receipt of the following items for an application to be active on our waitlist.

  • Passport sized photo of your child
  • Passport identification of the child and both parents
  • Signed Private Education Advisory Note
  • Signed Personal Data Collection Statement
  • If the child was born in Singapore we require a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
  • If parents are separated or divorced and there is a Custody Agreement or Court Ordered Restrictions in place, we require a copy of the Agreement.
  • Payment of the Enrolment Fee of $2,675 (inclusive of GST) per child. Please note $2,140 is refundable should you withdraw before an offer is made. Please refer to Enrolment Fee Payment for details on how to pay the Enrolment Fee.


All applications require Head of School approval. Approval of an application is valid for 12 months. Updated school reports and a new Confidential Education Report Form will need to be submitted for re-approval after 12 months

  • The child’s last two years school reports where available. Applications to Nursery and Reception can include reports / records from Pre-School if available.
  • Please note if reports are not available in English, please provide a certified translation of the report.
  • For applicants to Junior School only (Year groups 3 – 6) please provide an Unaided Handwriting Sample. This should be an unaided piece of creative writing, for example a story or an information page, no more than one side of A4. It must be a handwritten original piece of work, not copied, that the student has produced without assistance from parents or teachers.
  • Any Specialist Educational or Medical Reports such as an Educational/Clinical Psychologist Report, Speech and Language Therapist Report, or Occupational Therapist Report, relating to any special educational needs (if applicable).
  • Completed Confidential Education Report Form. Please forward the appropriate form to your child’s current school for their completion and return directly to the Admissions Team. You will be able to log back into your account to see when / if we have received the Confidential Education Report Form from the current school.


Once a place is available for an applicant the following documents will be required before the offer of a place will be issued.

  • Signed Immigration Declaration Form declaring the child’s Citizenship and Immigration Status at that time.
  • Copy of the child’s Immigration Status (ie. Dependent Pass / Student Pass / Permanent Resident Re-Entry Permit/ Immigration Exemption Order ). Students holding a Visit Pass are not permitted to study at Tanglin.
  • If the child was born in Singapore we will require a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
  • If the child is a Singapore Citizen and is of P1 age or above we require the Ministry of Education (MOE) exemption to study at Tanglin Trust School. See Entry Requirement for Singapore Citizens for further details.