Fees Schedule 2019-20


This schedule shows the fees for the 2019/2020 school year. Fees are reviewed annually and subject to change. All fees are quoted in Singapore dollars and include goods and services tax at the prevailing rate of 7%, where applicable.


The Enrolment Fee of $2,675 is required for each application.


A non-refundable Capital Levy of $3,750 per student is payable by all new and returning students prior to admission, with the following exceptions:

(i) Siblings of current students enrolled in the School before August 2015 are not charged the Capital Levy

(ii) Capital Levy is payable in respect of a maximum of two students per current family.



School fees comprise Tuition Fee and Building Fund. School fees vary by year group and are detailed in the termly fees schedule below:

Year Group Building Fund* Tuition Fee Total Fees Per Term
Infant Nursery $1,587 $7,651 $9,238
Reception $9,728 $11,315
Year 1 to Year 2 $9,908 $11,495
Junior Year 3 to Year 6 $10,511 $12,098
Senior Year 7 to Year 9 $12,371 $13,958
Year 10 to Year 11 $13,022 $14,609
Sixth Form Year 12 to Year 13 $13,689 $15,276


*Building Fund is used to finance the renewal of lease, construction of buildings and facilities (including air-conditioning and electrical installations etc) as well as improvement projects as approved by the Board of Governors from time to time.


  • There are three terms in each school year. The total annual fees are spilt into three equal amounts and billed on a termly basis. The length of each term is not a relevant factor.
  • For new students, two terms school fees are payable prior to admission:
    • First term school fees as confirmation of acceptance of the place
    • Following term school fees payable prior to start of the first school term in school.
  • For students enrolled after 21 December 2009, each term school fees shall be paid prior to the start of the previous term as illustrated below:
    • Term 1 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 3 of the previous school year
    • Term 2 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 1
    • Term 3 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 2
  • In the event that the Term 1 school fees are billed before the announcement of the annual school fees revision, the additional school fees applicable will be included in the Term 2 school fees invoice.


External examinations fees for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level or IB Diploma are not included in the termly fees invoice, but are notified separately at the appropriate time of the year (usually December or January for IB and March or April for GCSE, IGCSE and A Level). Fees are payable by the due date stipulated by the school and are generally payable prior to the examination sessions.

Examination fees include registration and subject fees set by examination boards and handling charges covering courier charges, invigilation cost etc.


Families may incur additional costs during enrollment and these costs include, but are not limited to the following:

Bus Transport Bus fees are set by the service provider and invoiced directly by them.
Uniforms Sold separately at the School Shop.
Food Services Infant school students are required to bring their own snacks and lunches.
Junior and Senior school students can access the food services available at canteens and cafes throughout the school and payment is made directly to the school’s caterer.
Books and other school resources School fees include textbooks and exercise books.
Replacement of lost or damaged textbooks, exercise books, library books and other school resources are expected to be funded by the student/family.
Technology Students from Year 5 to Year 13 are required to have their own personal mobile technology device to support their learning.
Full details of the requirements for each year group are published on the TTS Portal.
Trips and Activities Costs for outdoor education trips, overseas sports and optional trips as well as paid activities and events on offer by the school will be notified by the relevant departments at the appropriate time in the school year.

Payment of School Fees

All payments must be made in Singapore dollars in the form of local cheque, bank transfer, PayNow Corporate or GIRO arrangement.
We do not accept cash for payment of fees.

Local Cheque

Please ensure your cheque is crossed and made payable to ‘Tanglin Trust School Limited’ with the remittance portion of your invoice attached (if any).

The student’s name and invoice number should be written on the back of the cheque and to indicate ‘NEW’ for first-time payments for new students.

Post-dated cheques or cheques in foreign currency are not accepted.

Bank Transfer

The exact amount must be received and all bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.

Please include student’s name and invoice number (and mark ‘NEW’ for first-time payments for new students) on the remittance form to enable us to credit the student’s account accordingly.


You may also email your bank transfer confirmation advice to schoolfees@tts.edu.sg.

Account Name: Tanglin Trust School Limited
Account Number: 144-023348-001
Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (Corporate account)
Bank Branch: Holland Village
Bank Address: 21 Collyer Quay #01-00 HSBC Building Singapore 049320
Bank Code: 7232
Bank Branch Code: 144
Swift Code: HSBCSGSG

GIRO Arrangement

The option to pay school fees by GIRO is offered by Tanglin to families paying privately with a Singapore bank account as an alternative to paying fees on a termly basis.

School fees are billed over three terms normally payable in August, December and April of each school year. With GIRO, parents can pay the three terms fee (tuition fee and building fund) due in each school year over a maximum of nine (9) monthly instalments. The nine monthly GIRO instalment deductions start in September and end in May of each school year.

More Information and GIRO Application

Billing Cycle for School Fees



School fees are payable in advance and are billed on a termly basis as follows:

Students enrolled after December 2009 * Students enrolled before December 2009 Billing Month Payment Due
Term 1 (2019/2020) Term 3 (2018/2019) Feb-19 1 April 19
Term 2 (2019/2020) Term 1 (2019/2020) Jun-19 12 Aug-19
Term 3 (2019/2020) Term 2 (2019/2020) Nov-19 23 Dec-19
Term 1 (2020/2021) Term 3 (2019/2020) Feb-20 30 Mar-20


* For students enrolled after December 2009, each term school fees are billed and payable as follows:

  • Term 1 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 3 of the previous school year
  • Term 2 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 1
  • Term 3 school fees are billed and payable prior to the start of Term 2

Late Fee

A late fee of 5% will be imposed on fees not fully paid by the due date stipulated by the school.


For any enquiries, please contact us at schoolfees@tts.edu.sg.