Outdoor Education

We do not believe learning should simply be confined to the classroom, but enhanced through a multitude of opportunities to inspire such as day trips and residential visits.. These experiences enable our children to excel personally and academically.

We firmly believe young people are just as likely to learn outside the classroom as in it.

Outdoor Education Trips nurture independence, support children to build new friendships, and develop resilience and risk taking to enjoy a new experience away from home.

Infant School Trips

  • Nursery Labrador Park and Chinese Gardens
  • Reception Wet Market and Cold Storage, as well as the Zoo
  • Year 1 West Coast Park and Jacob Ballas Garden
  • Year 2 Boat Quay and Sungei Buloh.

Junior School Trips

  • Year 3 Zoo Sleepover
  • Year 4 Pulau Ubin and Sentosa Island
  • Year 5 Malacca
  • Year 6 Sarawak
  • Perth Adventure Trip
  • Switzerland Ski Trip
  • Caring for Cambodia (JPAS)
  • FOBISIA Music, Maths, Sports Trips

Senior School Trips

Our Outdoor Education curriculum encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone, build resilience, develop leadership skills, achieve personal growth and connect with different communities. These include trips to Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, Japan, New Zealand, UK and Switzerland.