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In an ever-increasing technological world, it is essential that we empower children with the skills to be: Respectful, Responsible and Purposeful Users of Technology

Within the Infant School, Reception - Year 2, children have dedicated technology sessions during which children develop their skills and understanding of our four-core curriculum strands: Responsible use, Manipulating Media, Logical Processing and Computer Systems. With a wide variety of resources available, including interactive screens, iPads, Chromebooks and PCs, children learn transferable skills in a safe, supported, and filtered environment whilst developing both touch screen and mouse control skills.

In Nursery and Reception there is a strong emphasis on developing a balanced use of technology with children being encouraged to monitor their time spent in front of screens and how to make good choices. As children progress through the Infant school, they learn about the responsibility of being ‘connected’ and how to be safe and principled users of technology, whilst sharing their creations and exploring their curiosity through the effective use of digital tools.

Technology is also integrated throughout all other curriculum areas and is used by staff and children to document and record individual learning journeys through Seesaw.

Device Requirements

Nursery to Year 2
Children will use Tanglin facilities in school. If the school moves to Remote Learning, access to a device with internet connection at home will be required.