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Learning Support

At Tanglin, we are an inclusive mainstream learning environment and believe each child is entitled to a curriculum that facilitates their individual development and support which allows them to achieve their potential. 

The school caters for individual learning needs which can be largely met within the mainstream classroom and without significant additional adult support. Most of the time, the learning needs of our children can be met by class teachers and teaching and learning assistants (TLAs). However, at certain stages along their development, some children may need curriculum modification or specific intervention. 

When a child experiences challenges that require additional support, our experienced Learning Support or Enhanced Provision Teams will work closely with class teachers, TLAs and, where necessary, the school’s Educational Psychologist, Counsellors or external practitioners to ensure a collaborative approach in providing the right level and nature of support for that individual. 

The Learning Support and Enhanced Provision Teachers and Specialist TLAs may provide advice to class teachers and parents, or interventions for the child that are both targeted and engaging, focusing on the area/s of identified need. This might include in-class or small group support. A small number of children may require individual support from the Learning Support Teacher and Specialist TLAs which is reviewed regularly to ensure they are flourishing in the setting.