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Sport & Physical Activity

Nursery & Reception

Physical Development is a prime area of learning within the Early Years.

Through physical activity using multi-sensory experiences in outdoor and indoor environments, links between cognitive development and movement are enhanced. We also believe physical activity at this stage in a child's experience is a key component in developing lifelong health and mental wellbeing.

Highly skilled and experienced teachers allow opportunities for active play in a safe and challenging environment, using a range of resources. During focused physical development lessons, children develop fundamental motor skills to enhance agility, balance, coordination and strength. This may take place in a specialist sports hall, the swimming pool, an outdoor play area, or within EYFS learning environments.

Years 1 & 2

Physical Education is an area of learning in Years 1 and 2.

We deliver a curriculum that gives children the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities in an atmosphere of creativity, enjoyment and personal development. Through a range of activities, children learn about cooperation, develop resilience and gain a love of being physically active.

In Year 1, all children experience one hour of physical education with a PE specialist as well as a minimum of thirty minutes with a specialist and/or a class teachers per week. In Year 2, all children experience one hour of physical education with a PE specialist as well as an hour of PE with a specialist and/or a class teacher.

Sports Day

Children take part in their year group sports day where they demonstrate many of the skills they have learnt through the year. This is always a highlight of the Infant School calendar and the events are designed to be inclusive, with parents following their children through the events.


All Infant children benefit from the TTS Foundation Blazing Balance Bikes and Pedal Power programmes which give them access to cycling activities and teaches them essential skills to help build their confidence