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"The level of learning is astonishing and our children have progressed way beyond our expectations"
Junior School parent

From Years 3 to 6 (ages 7-11 years) we have created a twenty-first century, bespoke curriculum which not only enthuses, engages and challenges young and inquiring minds, but also promotes high levels of attainment and outstanding progress.

By equipping our children with the core subject skills first, and then providing an exciting range of opportunities for them to apply their learning, we cater to each child's distinct and unique learning needs in an integrated context. Alongside academic skills and knowledge, our key drivers of self awareness, personal development, global awareness and sense of community ensure our students become well rounded, community spirited and responsible young citizens. We believe learning should be enhanced through a multitude of inspirational opportunities outside the classroom, such as day trips, residential visits and acts of service learning which enable our children to excel personally and academically.