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In the Junior School, we strive for every individual to feel respected, cared for and to have a strong sense of belonging.

A well embedded pastoral system nurtures positive relationships and promotes an ethos that both values and celebrates children as individuals while creating a strong sense of community. Members of staff are committed to ensuring we have an inclusive environment that fosters wellbeing and emphasises personal development. The school has effective policies and takes very seriously its responsibilities to ensure that children are safe. Our excellent team of school counsellors and nurses support and advise students and parents on specific challenges or issues that may arise.

Pupils' experiences at Tanglin prepare them exceptionally well for making the most of life beyond school with integrity and a well-developed sense of social responsibility.Underpinning the curriculum we have our RESPECT values- Responsibility, Environment, Safety, Principles, Empathy, Courtesy and Trust. These are developed through regular assemblies, a strong pastoral programme and a wide range of memorable experiences both in and outside the classroom. Emphasis is placed upon children developing the qualities of independence, responsibility and resilience. We want our children to have confidence to take life in their stride and to understand that challenges and mistakes are part of the learning process. The development of children’s ability to communicate and collaborate effectively features prominently throughout school life.

We strive for our children to have a clear understanding of their place in the world and provide them with opportunities to contribute with confidence through leadership and service. This is achieved through our House System, and positions of responsibility across all areas of school life. This is combined with an extensive after school activities programme, where children can excel in their particular areas of interest. Supporting charities and making links within the community is actively encouraged, through the teaching of philanthropy. Our curriculum reflects the school’s international setting and celebrates the diversity of Singapore and the region.

The Tanglin Pastoral Circle

Every child in Junior School is supported by at least 11 adults in different roles who look after student wellbeing.

"Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding."
British Schools Overseas Inspection

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Infant Children at Playground

School employees are required to report any concerns about a student directly to a Designated Safeguarding Lead member of staff. Parents, students, visitors or any other person wanting to report a concern about a student may do so with any of the School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead staff or any School employee they feel comfortable with.

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