Beyond the Classroom

We firmly believe young people are just as likely to learn outside the classroom as within it.

The development of the child as a whole is paramount and we recognise that different students are motivated by different experiences.

Outdoor learning spaces on campus include creative play equipment, nature zones and a challenging climbing wall. Wherever possible, the curriculum is brought to life through educational visits and field trips within Singapore, and beyond.

As students progress through Tanglin, they are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities that are on offer, including service learning, extensive outdoor education trips, and a wide range of co-curricular activities that stimulate and broaden student experience.

Outdoor Education

We place great value on the contribution that enriching Outdoor Education makes to the wider Tanglin experience and we want all our students to participate in meaningful and inspirational learning.

In addition to being great fun, our extensive range of trips encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone, build resilience, develop leadership skills and achieve personal growth.

Trips vary in focus and length, increasing in the level of challenge as students move through the school. The programmes are a key part of the school’s Our World initiative, an overarching term used at Tanglin to highlight the school’s focus on developing local, regional and global perspectives, and are also closely linked to curriculum objectives and to The Tanglin Learner.

Co-curricular Activities (CCAs)

Tanglin’s CCA programme provides students with opportunities to pursue a range of interests by developing existing talents or learning something new.

In addition to recreational choices, the programme enables students to trial for and engage in competitive activities. It also enhances the development of students’ independence by encouraging them to make choices and organise their time, as well as teaching important lessons associated with trying out for selective sports squads or music ensembles.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

All A Level and IB students must participate in Tanglin’s CAS programme, which provides opportunities for independently managed, experiential learning beyond the curriculum.

Students are required to plan, record and reflect upon each CAS activity. Enjoyable and challenging, CAS is also intended to offer a balance to academic study.

  • Creativity – arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking
  • Activity – physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
  • Service – an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit.

Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS)

The Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is an accredited learning programme that serves as the precursor to the Duke of Edinburgh Award and is an exciting new CCA opportunity for Year 5 and Year 6 children. This programme is designed to stretch different aspects of developing confident individuals through four categories: My Interests (developing an interest or learning a new skill); Get Active, Stay Active (taking part in sport and physical activity); Me and My World (contributing to the local community); and Adventure (outdoor activity and learning, including teamwork and problem solving).

The Year 6 children will work together to plan fundraising opportunities and raise money for the charity, ‘Caring For Cambodia,’ ending their experience with an exciting three night residential overseas trip to Cambodia where they will apply their new skills. The Year 5 children will have the chance to develop their team building and independence further when they head to their overnight camping trip. Award Evenings are held to celebrate the children’s achievements.

National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

The NYAA is a world-wide recognised award for young adults aged 14 to 24.

At Tanglin, NYAA is open to students from Year 9 onwards, supporting them to achieve their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. Better known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award in the UK, it is recognised by universities and employers around the world.

NYAA has four elements, all of which complement the academic aspect of Tanglin:

  1. Adventurous Journey
  2. Community Service
  3. Learning a New Skill
  4. Sport

All these elements together help to provide students with a well-rounded and holistic education.

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