We value language learning and recognise the increasing relevance of modern foreign languages (MFL) given today’s global economy and the increased mobility of tomorrow’s global citizens. Our aim is to develop languages through carefully planned programmes for all students from Nursery to Year 11, with options to continue through to Year 13.

Our guiding principles are to encourage a love of languages and an appreciation of cultures, as well as to equip our students with essential language learning skills which will form a strong platform for fluency and further study, if appropriate. Language lessons must be of a high standard and delivered in the same motivating and inclusive way as all other lessons if they are to be successful. Children should look forward to their language lessons and take pride in their increasing abilities to communicate in another tongue.

Chinese (Mandarin) is the core MFL studied in the Infant and Junior Schools. Chinese, French and Spanish are offered in the Senior School, with the vast majority of students studying two of these languages in Year 7 and 8, before specialising in one MFL to study for GCSE. Many of our students live in bilingual (or multilingual) households and we encourage those students to continue to develop their mother tongue languages alongside English; support for a number of languages is available through after school activities and private tuition on site.