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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) international award will encourage young people to develop skills and strengths outside of the classroom environment. It is an excellent way for students at Tanglin to flourish and encompasses the learning outside of the classroom environment which Tanglin prides itself on.

About the Programme

There are 3 levels to the award which are open to young people aged 16 years and above : Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are 4 main sections to completing the award which is logged through the online record book (ORB):

  1. Skills – to encourage the development of personal interest and practical skills
  2. Physical recreation – to improve the health, team skills, self-esteem and confidence of participants
  3. Voluntary service – enables young people to witness and experience the benefits that their service provides to others and encourages them to become better citizens
  4. Adventurous journey – encourages a sense of adventure and self-discovery whilst undertaking a journey within a group.

More information about the Duke Edinburgh can be found below:

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Outdoor Education

To find out more about the Outdoor Education programme available at Tanglin, click on the link below.

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