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Embracing Green Cleaning Initiatives

By Krishiv K, Year 12

On February 6, 2024, I held a green cleaning workshop, with the aim of educating the community on the hazards of conventional cleaning chemicals and promoting eco-friendly substitutes. It was an opportunity for students and staff alike to familiarise themselves with the concept of replacing harmful or unregulated chemicals in commercial cleaning products with eco-friendly alternatives.

Approximately 84,000 chemicals are present in cleaning products, of which only 200 have been tested by the FDA, and only 5 are controlled. Often the cause of respiratory illnesses and disruptions in marine organisms’ life cycles, these unchecked chemicals are a menace. Thus, spreading awareness about green cleaning initiatives is essential for a healthier society. The participants got the opportunity to try their hand at making their own glass cleaners using vinegar, water, and cornstarch, and air fresheners using baking soda, water, and essential oils.

As much as this workshop was about learning how these products are made, it was also about instilling confidence in the safety and efficacy of these lesser-known, green alternatives. Everyone stared in awe as they effortlessly scrubbed off fingerprints and dust using their handmade cleaning products, and of course, the green tea-scented air freshener was an instant success. Participants departed with souvenirs of an invigorating, interactive session and the responsibility of taking this knowledge back home with them to change their cleaning habits.

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