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Introduction to New Forms & Artistic Experiences

Term 2 saw many varied and interesting art experiences across the whole school. This term our Year 12s went on their annual cultural and creative visit to Ubud, where they got the chance to immerse themselves in local experiences and compile sketches bringing to life their Bali adventure. Our Year 7s also visited Bright Hill Buddhist Temple as they started their studies in colour and pattern. Student experiences like these were complemented by visits from two internationally acclaimed artists, with a further visit from a local artist planned. Artistic visits of this kind are supported with help from The Foundation and allow Tanglin students and the wider community to better understand different artistic methods and enrich their artistic knowledge. 

Pushing Boundaries with Ella Emmanuelle
Tanglin’s first artist in residence of the term was Ella Emmanuelle, a visiting lecturer in drawing from Falmouth University. Ella Emmanuelle's work challenges the conventions of drawing which is traditionally viewed as a classic artistic skill, and champions the idea that ‘drawing provides boundaries which allows you to push against.’  Her multi-media work specialises in communicating movement through different drawing techniques and media, and while at Tanglin, Ella hosted a workshop for students and parents in collaboration with The Institute. 

As part of her visit, Tanglin also hosted a whole community artistic experience where drawing was used as a medium to bring the Tanglin community together. 

Coinciding with her residency Tanglin Senior Art hosted ‘Drawing in the Bus Bay’ which was a highly original school art event for students and parents to come together and draw to music played by students from across the school. Inspiration for the event came from Ella Emmanuelle’s work and it was a wonderful exercise in the benefits of art to promote well-being. 

Learning with Ian Murphy
The culmination of these artistic experiences was a return visit from contemporary British artist Ian Murphy following his successful visit in 2023. Renowned for his stunning sketchbooks and his meticulously detailed drawings and paintings, he spent a week at Tanglin and hosted several workshops that shared a range of techniques for students to use in their IGCSE and A-Level coursework.  

 As part of his visit, Ian Murphy also hosted his second workshop in collaboration with The Institute, which allowed parents and staff to explore sketching techniques and take away their piece of art. His approachable but direct style of teaching art means that he can communicate complex and multi-layered processes with ease. This strength is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback received following the Institute-led workshop:  

(I enjoyed) the hands-on experience, and inputs on how to do the tones better from Mr Murphy, and his energy to help us understand the different stages of the sketching techniques.

(I liked the fact) he gave us the courage (especially for me without any artistic background) to give the process a go!

Feedback like this demonstrates the importance of artistic visits of this kind to the students and the wider Tanglin community. 

Print-making with Chen Shitong
Following Ian’s visit, Tanglin Senior Art is looking forward to the annual visit from Chen Shitong, an established Singaporean printmaker who will guide Year 12 Art students in a master class on the print-making process.  

Various artistic visits and trips are elements of the extensive Art programme at Tanglin, which includes art history, student exhibitions, and a growing body of work that makes up the Centennial Arts Trail.  

We dreamed a forest by Donna Ong
The second Centennial Arts Trail installation, We Dreamed a Forest by local artist Donna Ong, was unveiled in the Centenary Building earlier this week. Located at the far end of the Atrium of the Centenary Building, Donna Ong’s ethereal piece provokes curiosity in viewers to understand and explore her art, which offers something for all ages. Do look out for it when you next visit Tanglin!  

The first Centennial Arts Trail installation is at the other end of the Atrium, outside of the school Reception. This is The Brain by Victor Tan, representing the intricate pattern of neurons that relay information through the brain and impact the way we think, learn, move, and behave. 

The Centennial Arts Trail is supported by the Tanglin Trust School Foundation and features distinctive and commissioned works of art, created by Singaporean artists, to commemorate Tanglin’s centenary, history, and connection to Singapore.  


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